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The high study center (H.S.C) are academic unities, focused on the treatment of relevant problems that affects significant áreas of social necessity and search solution to them using the theories and instruments more advanced that provide the Science, the technique, the organizing thought and the capacity of innovation


Contribute to the solution of the integral problems of man and society through research on diseases that affect the regional population and the promotion of actions in defense of health and the environment.


The Higher Studies Center of Human Sciences and Health echoes its objectives to the postulates by Marc Lalonde. The priority is in the development of research projects and the training of human resources in experimental medicine with social and regional impact in order to understand Human Biology and the agents that affect health. The Center thus seeks to contribute to the solution of the integral problems of human and society


Promote scientific research in the field of health that allows obtaining new knowledge and applying them to solve relevant social and medical problems.


  • Investigate issues related to health and illness.
  • Training human resources at the undergraduate and graduate level.
  • Introduce students to scientific thinking.
  • Form new research groups.
  • Create new research areas.
  • Disseminate new knowledge to the scientific community and society in general.
  • Integrate the research carried out in the various fields of the University (Caecihs, University Hospital, Chairs).
  • Carry out cooperation activities with other study centers and other research institutes.
  • Advise the research carried out within the University.
  • Advise and produce services for third parties.
  • Direct thesis and final projects.
  • Provide a workplace for the execution of thesis projects and final career projects.
  • Manage and generate resources for scientific Research



Lines of research

The Research projects developed in the Center are organized in 5 lines identified as priority in the área of medical Science and psychology.

Lines of Research in Medical science

  • Epidemiology
  • Biology and molecular medicine
  • Medical education
  • Clinical pharmacology
  • Clinic and critical patients  

Lines of Research in Psychology

  • Ontogenic development: Process and structure déficits. Differential diagnosis. Interventions.
  • Health promotion and social prevention
  • Applied psychology

Current research projects


CAECIHS SERVICES, Head office Buenos Aires
The CAECIHS offers the following services:

  • Analysis of damage and repair of genetic material, DNA, in relation to toxicity produced by contaminants or drugs or their protection produced by cosmetic, nutritional or pharmacological agents. This test is called the comet assay. More information.





News of CAECIHS headquarters Buenos Aires


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